CONCUR served as facilitator and trainer for this USAID-funded initiative aimed at strengthening the information base to support trans-boundary natural resource planning for the Okavango River system.

CONCUR lead project components on negotiation, joint-fact finding, strategic planning, creating agendas, devising simulations exercises, and leading modules on join fact-finding, teaming with colleagues from the Natural Heritage Institute. The meeting focused on developing an integrated basin plan between resource managers of the three basin states the river encompasses—Angola, Namibia, and Botswana—to ensure sustainable management of the basin, and was designed to offer stakeholders a sounding board to discuss and negotiate on topics related to water and ecological resources.

The main objectives of the three-workshop series were to introduce and promote joint fact-finding across the three basin states, broaden stakeholder participation, to analyze the complexities of the watershed, and work toward consensus decisions on how best to sustainably manage the Okavango River system.