Strategic Planning is inherent in the work we do at CONCUR. In all of our projects, we emphasize strategic planning up front to evaluate issues under discussion and custom design processes that foster informed stakeholder deliberations and build common ground. Our strategic planning continues as we take stock of ongoing project progress, recommend changes in project approach, and ensure parties are on the path to hit key milestones and deliverables.

In a more targeted fashion, CONCUR works directly with clients to assist in strategic planning for their organizations. We work with senior leadership, project teams and affected stakeholder communities to clarify strategic choices and clearly map the future. Our Strategic Planning services include:

  •  Assisting organizations in building a Strategic Plan, which may include creating a vision statements, identifying goals and objectives, and developing an action plan, complete with specific milestones;
  • Conducting Issue Audits within organizations to highlight successes, identify obstacles and help organizations create concrete strategies for moving forward;
  • Conducting training in collaborative problem solving to strengthen internal team building; and,
  • Facilitating meetings of senior leadership to clarify goals, set annual planning agendas, and prioritize projects and tasks.