Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation Workshop: Increasing Compliance and Effective Enforcement of Turtle Excluder Devices in the Southeast Shrimp Fishery

CONCUR teamed with the Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation (GSAFF) to gather industry, federal, and state official perspectives on turtle exclusion device (TED) compliance and enforcement in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic states. At this two-day meeting, participants received briefings on current regulatory activity/regulations and outreach, discussed issues and concerns currently faced in the fishery, and brainstormed next steps. Specific workshop objectives included:

  • Updating participants on outreach currently being conducted by state and federal agencies and highlight achievements of current regulations
  • Exploring options for improving compliance
  • Developing action items to improve collaboration between industry and regulators

This workshop received commendation as a significant milestone in building a better relationship between the fishery industry and regulators.