CONCUR specializes in analyzing and resolving complex disputes involving natural resources and infrastructure, and the communities and enterprises that depend upon them.

We work closely with all affected parties to build broad-based agreements that are fair, effective and durable. We excel in using the tools of agreement-focused facilitation, strategic planning, situation assessment, and independent scientific review to support our clients.

CONCUR is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and works nationally and internationally thanks to our strong team of Associates and Affiliates. The firm is lead by Principal Scott McCreary who earned his Master’s degree in Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley and his doctorate at MIT with the leading theorists of the dispute resolution field. Building on this rigorous background, the firm has been active since 1997 and has completed over 100 major projects.

We at CONCUR bring a strong skill set of professional services to our work including agreement-focused facilitation, strategic planning, and environmental policy analysis.

Our experience is rooted primarily in the successful resolution of more than 100 cases involving a wide array of players and issues. It is also rooted in our robust dual expertise in both the process and substance of environmental decision-making. This dual expertise is the foundation of CONCUR’s philosophy: to integrate disciplines to strengthen our problem-solving capability and provide clients with the highest quality services.

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