CONCUR teamed with UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency to co-facilitate a Technology Roundtable to more fully explore the future of concentrator photovoltaics.

CONCUR Principal Scott McCreary served as Co-Facilitator for the meeting and Dick Swanson, Founder of SunPower, acted as Principle Facilitator. The roundtable was structured to include a mix of plenary discussions and presentations, breakout sessions, and a priority-setting exercise meant to catalyze future research and development. The meeting brought together key stakeholders from the private, academic, and government sectors for a highly interactive, facilitated discussion with a focus on required efficiencies, costs, and technological innovations for both cells and systems.

The ultimate goal was to identify the advances needed for concentrator photovoltaic to supply 100 gigawatts of solar electricity in the United States by 2030. The roundtable culminated in a distilled list of 32 candidate recommendations, which were then ranked by workshop participants. These recommendations were organized into three broad themes: cell improvements, system level improvements, and activities to support commercialization.

For a summary report of the Roundtable discussions please click here.