CONCUR was jointly selected by Poseidon and the Commission as the entity to design and facilitate an independent feasibility analysis of subsurface intake alternatives for Poseidon’s proposed desalination facility in Huntington Beach, California. CONCUR worked with the permit applicant and regulatory agency to create a Terms of Reference document that framed the topics for investigation, defined recruitment criteria for experts, defined the method for panel selection, and solidified the groups agreement to conduct the investigation in multiple phases.

CONCUR staff participated in, and facilitated, selection of the members to make up the Independent Scientific Technical Advisory Panel (ISTAP). CONCUR served as the facilitator of public and panel deliberations, and coordinated the ISTAP’s reports. Concluding the two-year long process, the ISTAP generated two full reports, which will be used by Coastal Commission staff as they develop a recommendation for Poseidon’s permit application. To read the ISTAP’s final reports please use the following links:

Phase I Report

Phase II Report