Scott McCreary co-taught the UC Berkeley course Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Global Imperative and Regional Response (Energy and Resources 290), a semester-length graduate course on with co instructors Dr. Larry Dale and Dr. Jayant Sathathe of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

This advanced graduate seminar was a pilot to provide a forum for broad cross-disciplinary exploration of climate change science adaptation and mitigation and to present the opportunity for students to directly engage with professionals in order to develop robust, integrative new thinking on climate solutions. The course was built around 14 distinct modules, accompanied by readings guest lectures by visiting scholars and energy professionals.

Scott brought his perspective as a practicing environmental policy analyst and mediator, presenting lectures on multi-stakeholder negotiation to resolve conflicts centering on climate change, water resource issues, and the use of joint fact-finding techniques to illuminate technically intensive issues. Lectures were paired with role-play simulations introducing students to the fundamentals of mutual gains bargaining. In addition, he served as course rapporteur, engaging guest presenters with clarifying questions intended to build connections to other disciplines.

Students hailed from the Goldman School of Public Policy, Berkeley Law, Physics, City Planning, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, and Electrical Engineering. Students developed original papers and were given the opportunity to engage with outside professionals, conduct further background research, and develop an original analysis building on the research and analytical arguments presented in class.