New Zealand Planning Institute Keynote Address and Ministry of Justice Training Course

CONCUR Principal Scott McCreary was invited to present a Keynote Address at the New Zealand Planning Institute’s Annual Conference in April 2014. He was joined by fellow keynoters: the Minister for the Environment, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Dr. McCreary’s address titled, Experiences in Collaborative Governance:  US Approaches in Design and Practice drew from his extensive US mediation practice to address questions such as:

  • What are the preconditions for successful collaborative governance?
  • Why is clear intention so important in designing a collaborative process?
  • How can consensus seeking be motivated, incentivized, and supported?
  • How can a voluntary consensus be translated into enforceable policy?
  • How can continuity, stability and adaptive implementation be achieved over long-running collaborative processes?

While in New Zealand, Scott also worked with the New Zealand Environment Court, Ministry of Justice, to provide mediation training for Court Commissioners. The focus of this two-day workshop was on skills and techniques to assist mediators with “face-to-face dialogue and negotiations on-the-day” of a mediation session.

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