CONCUR designed and lead a training course in Mutual Gains Bargaining for Spitfire Strategies and the members of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, a 16-member consortium devoted to the dual goals of protecting ocean ecosystems and ensuring a long term seafood supply.

The focus of the training was to impart and practice skills that will serve the Alliance internally, but also foster more productive negotiations with external partners. Participants included representatives of major research aquaria, conservation organizations, and groups involved in food policy from the US and Canada who have partnered since 2008 to pursue a common vision for environmentally sustainable seafood.

CONCUR conducted focused interviews with Alliance members, and then designed a customized training course, including two new simulations/exercises that model the issues and players that the Alliance includes or engages in its work. Topics included framing issues for negotiation, establishing objective criteria, and working with a zone of agreement. The day-long session was held on June 10th.