CONCUR was jointly chosen by the United States Department of State and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans to examine recent performance of the International Pacific Halibut Commission relative to achievement of the goals set out in the body’s founding Treaty.

CONCUR’s review was based in part on a series of confidential one-on-one interviews with a representative set of more than 40 stakeholders – processors, fishermen (commercial, recreational and First Nations/Native Alaskan/tribal representatives), Commission members and staff, academics/scientists, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and others. CONCUR also observed and tracked the 2011 Interim and 2012 Annual meetings and conducted extensive document review. CONCUR’s 73-page Final Report, laying out a series of findings and a dozen recommendations, was presented to Commissioners and about 50 stakeholders (via webinar) on April 30, 2012. The Report recommended actions to improve governance processes, strengthen the assessment methodology through systematic peer review, increase transparency, improve the stakeholder consultation process, increase the engagement of tribes and First Nations, and build on the strengths of the Commission to continue the sustainable management of the halibut resources.