CONCUR facilitated a workshop in August 2015 to develop national criteria for assessing sea turtle post-interaction mortality from trawl, gillnet, and pot/trap fisheries.

CONCUR worked closely with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Protected Resources to plan and structure the event, facilitate the in-meeting dialogue, compile and synthesize results, and develop a draft technical report summing up the results of the deliberations workshop. Twenty-eight people, with diverse affiliations and expertise, participated in the workshop including veterinarians, sea turtle biologists and physiologists, observer program staff, and resource managers.

The workshop considered previous efforts to assess post-interaction mortality in trawl fisheries, current NMFS post-interaction mortality guidelines for sea turtles in longline fisheries, and current criteria for determining serious injury of marine mammals.

To read the final report from this workshop please click here.