The CONCUR team provides a full range of legal policy analysis and implementation skills to assist regional, state and national governments. We are adept at identifying how and why tradeoffs among competing interest groups affect natural resource use and at providing professional support to civil servants and policy makers involved in policy formulation and implementation.

CONCUR can provide the following services in support of environmental policy analysis:

  • Characterize and evaluate existing policies and the policy environment to assess successes and shortcomings in the policy making process;
  • Convening of participatory policy making processes such as regulatory negotiations to design policies that fairly represent divergent viewpoints and interests;
  • Conduct review processes of agency regulatory programs;
  • Structuring post-policy monitoring and evaluation to determine the success of policies and guide where changes are needed;
  • Developing a Strategic Environmental Plan to integrate your Strategic Plan with a customized regulatory compliance strategy;
  • Creating a Regulatory Roadmap to help you understand precisely which regulations and guidelines apply to your organization, products and manufacturing processes; and
  • Analyzing future Regulatory Trends so your organization can get “ahead of the curve” in developing your operational strategy.