Since 1987, CONCUR has worked both nationally and internationally as environmental policy analysts, facilitators, strategic planners and negotiation trainers to resolve local, regional, statewide, national, and transboundary disputes.

Many of our signature cases involve water resources, ocean and coastal resources, land use, and infrastructure projects. Other cases focus on air quality, health risk assessment and waste remediation. Several projects address environmental justice issues or help resolve cross-cultural conflicts involving indigenous and developing country communities. Recent areas of focus are coastal and marine spatial planning, climate change, air quality, fisheries management, renewable energy, adaptation, and integration of research investment and economic development.

CONCUR has a strong group of Associates on staff, and in 2010, CONCUR increased its capacity and ability to field teams of highly qualified professionals by launching its Roster of Affiliates. Our Roster enables CONCUR to form teams able to respond to the unique needs of each client and project.

CONCUR was formed initially when Scott McCreary and John Gamman met as doctoral students at MIT, and agreed to pool their interests in environmental policy and dispute resolution. The firm incorporated in 1996. Since then, the firm has completed over 100 projects throughout the United States and in 16 nations.