CONCUR Teamed with staff from South Dakota EPSCoR, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota, and the National Science Foundation to organize and facilitate a 2-day workshop for the primary investigators and researchers to plan and develop the strategic plan in support of their 5-year, $20-million NSA grant supporting “2020 Vision: The South Dakota Science and Innovation Strategy.”

The 2020 Vision proposes a set of South Dakota-specific strategies for strengthening the STEM research infrastructure, creating higher paying jobs and improving STEM education in K-12 and higher education.

Through this grant and the 2020 Vision, SD EPSCoR plans to establish the “Biochemical Spatio-temporal Network Resource” which will apply imaging and molecular biology to predict cell functions, signaling processes and growth factors. Its capacity to map biochemical molecular circuitry will advance the science and technology of high-yield crop production, and cellular mechanisms that affect human and animal health.

They also plan to add a new doctorate program in biochemistry and expand three other doctorate programs in nanoscience, biomedical engineering, and computational science. Their final Strategic Plan document was submitted to the National Science Foundation in December 2014.