CONCUR worked closely with the Pacific Islands Regional Office, the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council, and the Pacific Islands Division of the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement to facilitate a strategic planning process aimed at improving cooperation and coordination among these four organizations.

Together, these organizations are responsible for fisheries management and marine species protection in the Western Pacific region. The Strategic Plan will establish goals and objectives in such diverse areas as: sustainable marine ecosystem management, protection and recovery of protected marine species, fisheries management, conservation and restoration of marine habitat and coastal ecosystems, international cooperation, research needs, education and outreach, implementation of federal statutes, enforcement, safety, and administrative support.

Key strategic planning activities included conducting an extensive stakeholder assessment, facilitating more than a half dozen workshops to solicit staff and stakeholder input, facilitating development of the Strategic Plan itself, and assisting in the production of inter-agency operating protocols on such topics as development of recovery plans (e.g., for monk seals) and preparations of Fishery Management Plans.