CONCUR, Inc. helps government agencies, communities, business and citizen organizations engage in collaborative problem solving and craft robust solutions to complex environmental and public policy disputes. This assistance is vital as decision-makers at all levels strive to forge effective policies in an increasingly fractious and resource-constrained landscape.

We specialize in analyzing and resolving complex disputes involving natural resources and infrastructure, and the communities and enterprises that depend upon them. CONCUR works closely with the full range of affected parties to build broad-based agreements that are fair, effective and stand the test of time. We help clients and stakeholders strengthen their use of negotiation, take stock of external challenges, build internal capacity, and forge more sustainable relationships with peer organizations and team members.


Environmental Policy Analysis

CONCUR's environmental policy analysis services help organizations take the initiative when dealing with federal, state and local agencies. Organizations can be more effective by acting proactively to understand and comply with public policy and regulatory requirements and by integrating these requirements into their own strategic planning and day-to-day operations.


Facilitating Agreements

We believe that carefully structured dialogues – mediated or facilitated by skilled third-party neutrals – frequently offer a more effective and durable method to resolve conflicts and build consensus around controversial and often technically complex public policy issues. Agreement-focused facilitation and mediation is our core service.


Professional Training

Our program was developed in response to a growing demand for more effective problem-solving skills among top policy makers and administrators, business, industry and community groups and attorneys. The CONCUR training program provides participants with the tools to help resolve complex disputes within or between organizations and agencies.


Scientific Review

Resolving a complex public policy dispute requires that interested parties share an understanding of the technical dimensions of the problem they face. Whether the challenge is reducing pollution of the marine environment or cleaning up a toxic waste site, the most accurate scientific information must be collected and utilized.


Situation Assessment

A Situation or Conflict Assessment is an objective evaluation of the situation conducted by a neutral expert based on confidential interviews with stakeholders. One of its main purposes is to recommend whether a consensus-based process is likely to be fruitful and, if so, how it should be structured and prepared.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an essential component to an organization's overall success. CONCUR’s approach can help key personnel prioritize their collective goals in a safe, structured environment, recognize and tap internal expertise, and create mechanisms for implementing key ideas.